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Welcome to LuxeVapours!

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Luxe Vapours is a vape shop. We carry e-cigarettes, e-liquid, hardware and accessories to help people use this as an alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes. We have tried many of the items available on the market. From a quality, durability, and performance perspective, we sell only what works and performs. Please stop by to learn more about vaping – what it is, how it works, and why it is a rapidly growing alternative nicotine delivery system. Whether you are new to vaping or are already a vaper, we invite you to sample our E-liquid testers so you can try all of the amazing flavors available.

Our liquids are made in the USA in clean rooms with much care in how they are produced.  We do not sell Chinese or foreign liquids or even homemade liquids from someone’s basement with a sticker slapped on it.  We only carry professional liquids made responsibly, many are from AEMSA members.

We look forward to meeting you and enjoy being part of the community. May all in the vaping community unite, support one another, and be part of a better alternative.

Stop Smoking. Start Vaping.

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